It’s fine if you call me a Pagan

It would be great to hear Dad’s opinions on what is taking place in our Country. Church and politics never seemed  so intertwined as they are today. It has felt to me that I must choose a side if I want to worship. In essence, I suppose I have.

There certainly is a majority rule in America about being a Christian and where to stand on politics. What Churches are really doing is locking their doors.

The seemingly endless struggle I have with my faith is certainly a personal one. In a sense I am grateful for the insecurities, for the questioning and for the uncertainty of all things. What may seem dismal to many feels like a slow burn giving me strength to rise up and out of the doubt.

Pagan, once described country folk. They were the people not living in the city and because they lived so far away from society, they did not attend Church.

Today, politics at the pulpit is hot and heavy. If anyone opposes what their preacher is preaching, they refrain from Church altogether and sometimes walk away completely from organized religion, namely Christianity.

I am probably one of those kind of people as I have chosen to live a simple and plain country life. For many of the choices I have made, I am then judged. None of which, in my opinion, have anything to do with faith or God.

Until now, I have allowed others to dictate to me my faith, in a way. How was I going to believe? What should I call my religion? The confusion in that has probably led me down a path I may never have taken otherwise.

In the past, there were accusations of being lost, after seeking  guidance and being forthcoming during grief. One of the saddest moments of my life. Those that I loved and looked for help, let me down.

Then, much more recently, the politics of Christians. To take the opposing side of Christianity and to support Colin Kaepernick, the LGBT community, immigration, Muslims, Jews and Climate Change, seems to make me Godless?

I’m not a scholar in religion and if I was ever going to have a faith that would get me through the trials of life, I needed fellowship. However, I have not been willing to agree or commune with what has become Christianity.

Today it really seems that a Christian is also a conservative, hard right, Republican. To me, Christian coincides with blind nationalism, the confederate flag, the NRA, sexists men, pipelines and coal mines to name a few.  And, Christians oppose America’s diversity such as immigration, other religions, equality and human rights. Quite simply, anything that protects the planet. Anything non-white and non-Christian.

If I choose to live away from society and that makes me a Pagan, so be it. If I do not go to Church because church really feels like something else, so be it. If my walking away from an organization because I feel uncomfortable with what they are preaching and that makes me a Pagan, so be it.

In truth, when I close my eyes in the privacy of my home, I can feel close to God. How I get to that point is my business and mine alone, but if you want to call me a Pagan. so be it.

Photo by thesuccess

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