Breathe bohemian.
Be a dreamer and wander with your heart.
Blessed are the free spirits with their art, stories, poems and music.
All go boho with an open soul.

What is -Bohemian- anyway?

What Bohemian is to me may not be what Bohemian is to you. Our differences, could be that ‘bohemian thing’. The need to satisfy that craving is probably the most defining factor, after all.

Some are quick to point out that Bohemian is someone from Bohemia. A region of Czech Republic.

Others claim bohemian is a free-spirit fighting against the traps of society, forever to wander with gypsies and vagabonds.

I feel that Bohemian flows with flare in fashion, art and music. It could be a state of mind and the heart is always free to wander even when your feet are firmly planted.

As our world changes so do the people residing here. We are looking, searching for something. In our efforts, finding ourselves in our dreams may define a lifestyle. Finding purpose in ourselves and the objects taking up the space we live in, only adds to the potency.