A Peek The Daily Post Photo Challenge

On the property line, right next to my house, is a sign that reads Cemetery Road. When my husband and I discussed buying this land, that thought was a bit unsettling. A few folks had explained the cemetery itself is closed. Family still visit their loved ones on occasion.  Some come seeking answers to their… Continue reading A Peek The Daily Post Photo Challenge


Rounded Webs The Daily Post Photo Challenge

Autumn presents an incredible time to capture beautiful photographs. These photos of webs taken on a sunny Saturday, the twenty-third of September. I remember thinking while taking them, even the spiders know what season it is. Spooky spiders are sometimes associated with Halloween and this time of year. There is nothing spectacular or special about these… Continue reading Rounded Webs The Daily Post Photo Challenge

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Super Powers of the Moon

My photos were taken at different times and locations for the last few evenings, nights and early mornings. These are my favorites with a few words put together that were inspired. It was a wonderful gift to see that moon. The moon or super-moon was full last night November 14th. It was at its brightest and… Continue reading Super Powers of the Moon


Developing Your Eye Day Six Solitude

Photography 1 The Rule of Thirds No one lives here. It is quiet, serene, tranquil and with great possibilities of being alone. As I snap this shot, the big blue sky swallows up my subject. The old barn that is the center and focus of my eye, slowly becomes further away perfecting a spot of solitude.… Continue reading Developing Your Eye Day Six Solitude